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Skilled Migration

Over 70% of foreign national who visit Australia wish to stay back, work and live permanently. Moreover, Australia ranks among top countries in most areas of the Better Life Index. If you are planning to settle abroad, Australia is one of the best options to choose given the high average household income, flexible working hours, high life expectancy, healthy environment and over 83% life satisfaction rate, which means 83 of every 100 say they have more positive than negative experiences in an average day in Australia. Thus, moving to Australia can be one of the most important and fulfilling decision you will make in your lifetime.

Benefits of Permanent Residency in Australia

  1. Lifetime Residency - Once you receive a lifetime residency in Canada, you are entitled to live and work in Australia for life.
  2. Australian Citizenship - Children born in Australia become citizens by default.
  3. Free Entry and Exist in Australia - Permanent Residency holders in Canada can freely enter and exit Australia for the first five years. After completion of five years, you will need to renew your re-entry permissions unless you have acquired citizenship.
  4. Health rights - Receiving Australian permanent residency means you are considered on par with Australian citizens and you are eligible to health grants and legal aids like any other citizen.
  5. Live in New Zealand - You can obtain permission from Government of New Zealand and can reside or find employment in that country.

The Australia Immigration Process

The process of immigrating to Australia is point based for skilled migration and business migration. These points are calculated on the bases of occupational or business skills, work experience and language proficiency.

Eligibility Criteria

Being a point based system for Permanent Residency in Australia; an individual must score a minimum of 60 points to become eligible. The immigration authorities have a clear method for calculating your points based on your age, skills, language proficiency, academic qualification, and profession.

There are four broad categories for immigrating to Australia:

  1. Skilled Migration Visas
  2. Business Migration Visas
  3. Family Migration Visas
  4. Refugee and Humanitarian migration visas

Once you file an expression of interest through SkillSelect portal, you will have to wait from the authorities of Australia to review your application. If shortlisted, you will be invited to lodge your visa application under the migration category of your choice. You will have to submit your visa application form along with required documentation within 60 days of receiving an invitation from the immigration office of Australia. When the application is approved, you will become an Australian Permanent Resident.

Chances are high for individuals with eligible skills to become an Australian Permanent Resident. With high standard of living and best lifestyle, getting a permanent residency in Canada will be a joyful endeavour in your aspirations to settle abroad.

Call us today on 1800-419-3242 toll free number to book a free meeting with one of our international counsellors. We will check your eligibility, provide you with transparent guidance, up to date information and provide professional services to make way for your Australian PR.

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