testimonial Experience with Winny Immigration Services

I’m gonna work and settle in Canada. Thanks Winny for all the guidance and seamless visa procedure.

                                                                                                    Sonika Yagnik (3 August 2017)

I’m going to Canada to settle down with my husband. All thanks to Winny for the help and Support.

                                                                                                    Nilesh Patel (5 August 2017)

To immigrate to Canada permanently was my dream. Winny’s assistance was a great help. Thanks to Winny and its team.

                                                                                                    Pankaj Yadav (8 August 2017)

Processing through Winny was a great experience for me and my family. With quick response to my queries along with your precious advice and assistance have made us secure Canada PR visa despite of so many complexities. Thanks a ton Winny…

                                                                                                    Janki Mitesh Shah (17 March 2017)

I had a very bad experience with my previous immigration consultant that I almost lost hope of immigrating to Canada with my family. It was one of my friend who is currently in Canada recommended to me about Winny. Initially, I was hesitant to hire a consultant again following my previous experience but after approaching Winny a ray of hope emerged. Finally, I am moving to Canada with my family.

                                                                                                               Nirav Gajjar (5 March 2017)

I would like to thank the wonderful team of Winny for providing me with the perfect guidance and maintaining transparency during the whole visa processing.  Initially, I was not confident enough whether I would be able to find a job in Canada being a pharmacist but now I would like to mention that I am currently in Canada working at a well to do position.  Thank you Winny….

                                                                                                 Jay Bhadresh Bhatt (24 Feb 2017)

My experience with Winny was excellent. The team not only assisted me for visa processing but also provided assistance in preparing documents, securing IELTS bands, getting WES done, submitting the file etc. Thank you for all the great work you did in helping me and my family members to have our dream come true.

                                                                                                       Ravneet Kochar (18 Feb 2017)

I was planning for the Canada PR process but I wasn’t sure about the process so I approached different immigration consultants but wasn’t satisfied with their counseling. I was about to drop my plans when I thought to give a last chance and ended up with Winny Immigration and Education Services. With their services, I have received the Invitation to Apply and waiting to receive the Canada PR visa.

                                                                                         Vihar Chimanbhai Patel (01 Feb 2017)

I finally got my Canada PR visa through Winny. I found the services, assistance and coaching session beyond my expectations. Winny has been a reliable and the best source following a total misrepresentation from my previous consultancies which severely affected my previous applications.

                                                                                           Archit bharat Panchal (25 Jan 2017)

IELTS is truly a tricky and technical exam and it does not check only language but also check the logic behind the language. For me, it was a dream to get 6 band in each module and today, my dream comes true and I got 6.5 band. It is only possible because of Winny and Its team. I learnt each module of English language under guidance of well educated and trained staff. Winny provides good infrastructure and practice materials. In addition to this, I have improved self-confidence and positive thinking which are most important to get desire score and this credit goes to the Winny team who is always helpful to students to solve difficulties. Thank you Winny for making possible to apply in FSW Canada.

                                                                                        Chiragkumar Pandya (3 January, 2017)

My dream for Canada PR wouldn’t have been done without Winny Immigration & Education Services. With their support and assistance, I got my visa procedure very smoothly. CRM’s at Winny gave me proper guidance which helped me in all aspects of visa processing. I would like to refer Winny as the most trusted and reliable immigration consultant.

                                                                                    Bhavana Patel (21 February, 2017)

I will strongly recommend Winny to all my friends and relatives who wish to fulfill their dream to settle abroad. Winny can really make impossible things go possible. Each and every thing about Winny is positive but I majorly liked to the coaching which was provided for IELTS. Their expert faculties and proper guidance helped me in improving English proficiency. Many thanks to Winny and its entire team.

                                                                                     Rajendrakumar Soni (28 February, 2017)

I am totally speechless. I can’t describe how happy I am after I got my Canada PR. I don’t think it would have been possible without Winny. The fully contented visa process system and the professional approach towards each and every minute detail make Winny exceptional.

                                                                                                   Dinesh Pandya (11 March, 2017)

Prior to Winny, my case was managed by some other consultant with whom I hardly had any interaction and I had unsatisfactory experience. But my switch to Winny was worth it. Since long I have been trying to apply for visitor visa to the USA but somehow it wasn’t working. With Winny at my service, my dream for a trip to the USA has been made possible. I am very grateful to Winny.

                                                                                                    Radhika Patel (30 March, 2017)

Thanks Winny for the assistance and guidance provided. Though it could sometime for you people to process my application, but I got my work permit for Canada.

                                                                                                         Jatin Solanki (3 April, 2017)

From calming my nerves for the IELTS test to processing my document work, Winny has provided me with al the services that I could expect. Their processing is very transparent which is one thing I really appreciate about a consultant. At every point of my application processing, they briefed me about the pros and cons of every action. Keep up the good work.

                                                                                                         Sana Khan (11 April, 2017)

It has been a great experience getting my process for Canada immigration through Winny. Case officer was really fast in responding to my queries. Thanks for your precious advice and assistance because of which I have received my visa despite of so many complexities.

                                                                                                        Shrikant Patil (6 May, 2017)

Satisfied wih Winny’s services. Looking forward to settle in Canada. Keep it up.

                                                                                                    Nimesh Patel (9 August 2017)

Best education and immigration services. I passed IELTS and got PR visa. Looking forward to settle in Canada.

                                                                                                    Rohan Devkar (12August 2017)

Thanks you team Winny for successful PR visa process. So happy that I’m gonna settle in Canada Permanently.

                                                                                                    Varsha Soni (16 August 2017)

Going through the immigration process was a stressful work and at the same time needs lots of concentration. It solely depends upon the documentation, IELTS score, visa processing etc. but without an expert help it won’t be possible. For me, Winny gave expert advice throughout the counseling sessions even when I was disappointed following the draw points. The positive approach and supportive team of Winny has made me secure the Canada PR visa. All thanks to Winny…

                                                                                               Pooja Dhiren Kunwar (15 April 2017)   

All I can say is thank you for processing my visa so easily. Winny team knew exactly how to process my file and with very reasonable fees my whole visa processing went smoothly. Though at times, I used to get irritate and also ask so many silly questions but your instant respond and maintaining the patience level has worked for me. Today I am a Canadian permanent resident along with my family.

                                                                                                  Madhumita Iyer (6 April 2017)

Its immense pleasure to recommend Winny for the Canada immigration purpose. The team at Winny was always available to answer all my queries and provide me with proper guidance and support. Because of them my entire visa processing had completed seamlessly. They made sure that no queries or doubts of mine were left unanswered. I can only say that the entire experience with Winny was excellent.

                                                  Ruchish Shah (4 April 2017)

Me and my wife were planning for Canada PR visa but thinking about appearing for IELTS test as I was not at all confident that being from Gujarati medium I would be able to secure the required bands or not. Winny’s coaching team provided me and my wife a six months IELTS coaching which enabled both of us to inbuilt confidence for speaking in English and at the same time for appearing the exam. I would like to thank the faculty for supporting me and my wife during these six months and overcome our fear.

Priyadarshi Bhatt (28 March 2017)

I had difficult times in search of immigration consultants for my Canada PR processing but reviews about Winny made me to approach the team and they totally impressed me by processing my profile smoothly. The counselors were also available to help me out by solving my queries and provided me with proper guidance. Thank you once again.

Disha Sosa ( 25 March 2017)

A very big thank you to the whole of Winny team for their efficient and committed approach towards my dream of migrating to Canada with my family. I would definitely recommend their services to all my friends and relatives.

Harshal Patel  (16 Jan 2017)

Finally I have my Canada PR visa in hand! All thanks to Winny for their excellent services and high professional competencies of their team. Before approaching Winny, I have been to many consultancies but it was all in vain. Securing 6 bands in each module of IELTS wasn’t my cup of tea, but under the guidance of Nehal Mam and her team, I was successful in securing 6.5 bands overall and got the process for my Canada PR visa done.

Jigarkumar Shah (18 June 2017)

I would like to thank Winny for helping me out throughout my Canada PR visa process. I am totally impressed with the way they work and how they follow the procedure. The counselors are so helpful that they were always there for me whenever I needed them. I am very much thankful for letting my dream come true.

Bhavini Shukla (27 June, 2017)

I had difficult times finding a reliable immigration consultant in Ahmedabad, but the first meeting at Winny gave me a friendly feeling. Team at Winny was so well informed and knowledgable apart from being approachable, efficient and committed. I would love to refer Winny to any of my friend or relatives if they need any help.

Amita Patel (14 July, 2017)

The support and guidance provided by Winny was invaluable. Though we found the visa process very stressful at times, especially the documents that needed to be submitted.  Other consultancies which we earlier approached weren’t so organized and confident with our application. But Winny gave us the peace of mind that everything is possible. We would like to say a big thank you to Winny and its team for helping to make our dreams come true.

Deepak and Kavita (17 July, 2017)

I choose Winny due to recommendations from my few friends and I also heard several positive reviews about them. I applied for Canada permanent residency under Express Entry system from Winny. I honestly didn't know much about the processing, documents required or time to be taken - but I wanted to go Canada. They helped me understand the whole process step by step and guided me in the right direction.

Pareshkumar Bharatbhai Dave (29 July, 2017)

Before I contacted Winny, I tried to put up my visitor visa for UK file on my own but I landed up with rejection. When I contacted Winny, I got fast responses and made me realize that can apply for the visitor visa without any hurdles. The whole process was a much easier and faster than what I have done earlier. Winny employees made me feel confident about my application by giving me proper guidance.

Sneha Rawal (5 August, 2017)

I have been very happy with the service provided by Winny. It would be difficult for me to try to put together all the information required for visiting the US for business purpose. As US has different requirements inorder to allow a person visit in the country. Winny provided me with adequate information inorder avoid problems that could have affected my business plans. Constant updates from your side to keep me informed were really appreciated.

Vinodbhai Desai (7 August, 2017)