1 million Job additions in June as Canadian economy reopen

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With the reopening of the Canadian economy, the government is trying its best to help employers to get the best they are looking for. On the flip side immigrants that are searching for good opportunities in Canada are also considered if they have the required skill set.

The government of Canada added 953,000 new jobs in June 2020 for the betterment of their economy, where the majority (~488,000) of jobs were added in full-time positions. The businesses closed due to pandemic have now reopened and again hiring workers who were temporarily asked to leave. In some cases, businesses are also interviewing fresh talent for entirely new positions.

In May when Canada added 300,000 jobs, consumer confidence was returning and growth in the economy was measured. Such back to back addition after a tough few months in the Canadian economy, workers, and families across the country that includes immigrants felt relieved. The reopening of businesses and the addition of jobs has added confidence to the Canadian population that slowly & gradually their financial condition will return to regular days as before.      

Previously the unemployment rate was 13.7% in May, which now fell to 12.3% in June after changes made by the government regarding job opportunities. Yet it was a drastic decline in the record of unemployment, in February it was 5.6% only which says now it’s higher than ever before.    


How you can take advantage of such an opportunity?

Through the second half of 2020 and beyond in anticipation of job growth in Canada, our team has added features to contact virtually so you can stay home and proceed safely. People who want to apply for jobs and want to grab this opportunity can associate with us; we will proceed for your better future.

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