Do You Know These Benefits of Permanent Resident Status in Canada?


If you are looking for a better quality of life, then you should migrate to Canada. It is considered to be the most immigrant-friendly country in the world and offers ample opportunities for career and personal growth. Canada is a sparsely populated country with an aging population, making it a country with a welcoming attitude towards immigrants.

It offers a dynamic range of immigration and visa programs and its immigration process is smooth compared to other nations. Moreover, it has a multicultural society with immigrant tolerant residents, well-developed public health and education systems, and exceptional quality of life.

For those who are in a dilemma about whether immigrate to Canada or not; we have listed the benefits of Permanent Residence status in Canada to help them make a decision.


Employment & Business Opportunities

Canada opens its doors for immigrants seeking employment opportunities or looking to start a business in Canada. Being one of the biggest economies in the world, skilled and qualified immigrants have great opportunities to work in sectors like IT, manufacturing, scientific research, medical, and construction among others. Also, its flexible immigration programs for investors make it easy for immigrants to start a business in Canada.


Liberal Civil Rights

If you have a PR status in Canada you can enjoy most of the privileges and rights similar to a Canadian Citizen. After spending 5 years in Canada, the permanent resident is allowed to apply for Canadian Citizenship. Canada endows the right to religion, culture, and language choice to all its Permanent Residents and citizens, making it a popular choice among international immigrants. Permanent Residents are also allowed to move across the country to work or settle in any province.


Healthcare Facilities

It is a world-recognized fact that Canada offers the best healthcare facilities to its citizens and Permanent Residents. The healthcare system in Canada is world-class and is offered by the government absolutely free. Canada’s healthcare system includes all the family members of a Permanent Resident, thus making healthcare facilities accessible for all. This is one sector which makes Canada better than United States.


Free & Quality Education in Public Schools

Canada has a global reputation for imparting quality education in public schools. Children of individuals with a Permanent Residence can study in public schools for free. However, Canada also has private schools and an at-home education facility. It’s up to parents to choose the type of schooling for their children.


Culturally Diversified Society

Canada is a multicultural country with people coming in from various parts of the world to settle and work. The cultural diversity has made Canada a tolerant country with very few to no racial intolerance incidents taking place. For Indian immigrants, it is very easy to find people from the homeland thus having the support of familiar people in a foreign land. The presence of large immigrant communities provides increased safety and status to new immigrants.


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