Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP): Eligibility Requirements


The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) aims to offer employment to foreign nationals who have not able to acquire jobs locally and for those who are seeking permanent residence. Candidates seeking permanent residence must submit a complete and correct PR application within six months of receiving the endorsement certificate.

However, the candidates seeking to apply for a work permit under the AIPP program must submit a paper-based work permit application to the visa application center (VAC) overseas or to Case Processing Center (if they are eligible to apply for a work permit from inside Canada).

Below are the Eligibility Factors candidates must need to know before applying for PR or Work Permit under the AIPP program:


Identity Documents:

Candidates must prepare all their identity and civil status documents including the documents of accompanying family members. All these documents need to be translated and notarized, if in case, they are not ready in English or French language. Plus, all the members have valid passports as well.

  • Language Tests: Candidates must be ready with their valid language test in English or French which was approved by the designated IRCCC testing agency. The test documents must be less than 18 months old at the time of application being submitted to the province of New Brunswick. In the language test, the minimum equivalent of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4 (English or French) is required.
  • Education Credentials: The entire Canadian immigration program including AIPP demands a minimum education level equivalent to Canadian High School Diploma. If one does not have Canadian education credentials, the candidates need to showcase an Education Credential Assessment (ECA) which ensures the Canadian equivalency of the candidate’s education.
  • Letters of Employment Candidates must need to provide letters of employment that ensure their professional experience.

The letter must meet the following:

    1. It should be written on company letterhead
    2. It should be signed by the officer or supervisor
    3. It must show the company’s full address, numbers, email, and website address and stamp with the company’s official seal

With that, the letter must have all the following information:

    1. It should have a specific period of candidate’s employment with the company
    2. Position the candidate was holding during the employment including the time spent in each profile
    3. ·Candidate’s need to mention their prime responsibilities in each position/profile
    4. There need to mention annual wage, benefits and the number of hours worked per week


  • Police Certificates Candidates must have police certificates arranged for every country in which the candidate has resided for six months or more since age 18. Police certificates are also required to be provided by the accompanying family members. These certificates are valid for a period of six months.  

Once the candidates have all the above documents, further process is to advising to the employer to submit a completed AIP Endorsement Application to the Government of New Brunswick.

Once the application is approved, you would receive an Endorsement Certificate which would be valid for the next six months. Once you receive the certificate, you can submit your complete and correct Permanent Residence Application to the Federal Government of Canada as soon as you have all of the required documents.


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