Canada opens immigration policies for artificial intelligence advantage

Canada Artificial Intelligence

The recent update of Canadian immigration policies seems like a productive and approachable pathway for international technology talent.

Professionals having experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning & information technology may check Canadian policies, as they are cleverly a positive sign for permanent residence applicants and entry into the work environment.

The latest release titled as the ‘Center for Security and Emerging Technology in June showed that how immigration policies can help to support the Artificial intelligence sector in five major countries:  Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and France.

Compared to the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and France, the immigration system in Canada has more versatile, flexible, and particularly well-suited for the highly skilled foreign workers and they want to attract such technical professionals to compete for AI talent.

Canada more accessible to new AI talent

Several immigration policies attract highly skilled workers in Canada compared to other countries and earn a reputation as a world leader in artificial intelligence.

Firstly, there is no limit for temporary foreign workers on their length of stay in Canada. Countries like the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and France offer work visa with durations ranging from three to six years.

Secondly, the processing time for work permits or temporary visas lasts within 2-8 weeks in Canada, depending upon the country from which the applicant is applying from and the position. In addition to this, work permits are issued to applicants in Canada throughout the year.

Canada is the only country allowing temporary foreign workers to apply for permanent residence status. In other countries, applicants would be required to make an application based on the quotas that may vary over a period.

Also, Canada offers multiple immigration pathways for highly skilled workers. Browse through the over 100 economic immigration pathways that meet the requirement for potential immigration here.

Canada is home for advanced AI organizations. These organizations continue to push the boundaries to contribute to the field of artificial intelligence and help Canada secure the position of the world leader in the industry.

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