The amendment in Australia’s Immigration Law has turned out to be favorable for applicants who are single or have skilled spouses.

With an update in the points system used to determine an applicant’s potential economic contribution, Australia has offered equal opportunities to the single immigrants. This clearly implies that the amendment has given preference to applicants who have a skilled partner or skilled candidates who do not have a partner.

The amendment in Australia’s Immigration Law will come into effect from November 2019. The changes made in the law are inspired by the report of Productivity Commission recommendation 2016. The Commission had stated that around 50 percent of immigration applicants have limited skills, thus not having any significant contribution to the economy. The Commission had stated that it is important to assess the contribution of immigrants to the Australian economy. Thus, it became imperative for the immigration authorities to prioritize skilled personals.

In a statement issued by the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs it has been explained what affects Migration Amendment Regulations 2019, would have on candidates applying to come to Australia via the General Skilled Migration visas.

The main purpose of the Skilled Migration Program is to attain maximum economic benefits for Australia.  Therefore, points awarded to candidates are according linked with the applicant’s ability to make the greatest economic contribution.

The major amendment done to the point system is an increase in the points awarded to an applicant with a skilled spouse or de facto partner. Applicants whose spouse is competent in English will be awarded 5 points; while, candidates who do not have a spouse or a de facto partner will be awarded 10 points.

Australia is a highly developed country with a high standard of living and balanced lifestyle backed by a strong economy and scenic landscape, making it a leading choice among aspirants looking to settle abroad for a better life.

The General Skilled Migration Program of Australia consists of a number of independent and sponsored visas designed to allow skilled workers and their families to immigrate to Australia. A minimum score of 60 points is required for entry into Australia via the Skilled Migration visas. The score is calculated based on factors like age, experience, and qualifications.


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