Canada’s Economic Immigration System a ‘role model’ among OECD countries

As per the latest report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Canada’s Economic Immigration System has become the role model for other countries. The report titled – “Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Canada 2019” showcases how proudly Canada has stood up to provide an opportunity for the skilled foreign-born people in the entire OECD at 60 percent.

According to the report, Canada is highly admired for its organized immigration system, the Express Entry system, and immigration planning, and offering pre-arrival services to new immigrants. The report also unveils that “Canada has the largest yet comprehensive skilled labor system in the OECD, the members of which are Australia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.”

The Canadian government has been successful in the selection and retention of economic immigrants with the opportunity to acquire permanent residence. Plus, the government is accountable not for the principal applicant but also has retention criteria for the family members. With its strong immigration planning, Canada is broadly appreciated as a role model when it comes to successful migration management.

According to Canada’s Economic Immigration System:

  • 80 percent of the Canadian population growth takes place through immigration
  • Canada has been the center of attraction for entrepreneurs and students
  • Canada’s Global Skills Strategy has filled 24,000 vacancies, created 60,000 jobs for Canadians and helped grow 1,100 companies

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