Canada Commits to Help Newcomer Immigrants Enter Job Market Faster

Canada is said to be one of the most immigration-friendly nations in the world. However, at times the highly skilled newcomer immigrants find it difficult to get their credentials recognized, thus preventing them from finding a well-paying job. It has been recorded that highly skilled immigrants who hold credentials from outside Canada have a lower employment rate (62.2%) than that of non-immigrants (71.7%).

Keeping this in consideration, the government of Canada has committed $10 million Call for Concepts under its Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) program for projects designed to provide employment support to the highly skilled newcomers and simplify the credential recognition process for them.

The Department of Employment and Social Development Canada stated that the Government of Canada is seeking innovative and collaborative concepts from stakeholders.

The qualified stakeholders including regulatory bodies, professional associations, and unions that are involved in foreign credential recognition and integration of highly skilled newcomer immigrants in the Canadian job market are expected to submit the concepts.

The concept submissions are due by April 11, 2019, followed by selecting best applications and inviting them to develop and submit a full project proposal. 15 projects will be finalized under the FCR program wherein a maximum of $800,000 will be allocated for each.

Besides immigrants the initiative is also applauded by people who hold an international degree, diploma or certification recognized in Canada and are looking forward to migrating to the country. It will speed up the process of recognition of the credentials thus making migrating and settling in Canada way smoother for the aspirants.

Minister of Employment, Workforce, and Labor, Patty Hadju stated that through this Call for Concepts, the government is giving newcomers a fair chance to succeed in Canada. She also quoted that for the growth of the Canadian economy and strengthen the middle class; it is imperative to assist newcomers to get their foreign credentials recognized.

The government of Canada is concerned about Canada’s aging population and declining birthrate. Therefore, it plans to welcome at least 350,000 new permanent residents every year until 2021. This call to the concept is one such step taken towards empowering the immigrants and ultimately strengthening Canada’s economy.


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