Will Canada lift the travel ban on July 1?

Canada Travel Ban Update

The prospective immigrants and other concerned individuals have this question in mind whether Canada will lift or ease the travel bans that were implemented from March 2020 following the pandemic. No one, including the immigration professional of Canada, knows the exact answer to this as the authority has not made any announcement on the matter. However, considering recent actions taken by the federal government, and the apparent flattening of the pandemic curve in Canada, a July 1 opening to foreign nationals may be possible.

Here are the brief details of why it may possible that the travel restrictions are ease.

Why Canada could ease travel restrictions

The Canadian government has provided some relaxation on travel ban but the lifting or making changes to restriction depends upon the current condition of the coronavirus cases in the country. They will monitor the numbers closely to see if the efforts of the government are effective or not.

According to Health Canada, the epidemic’s curve is flattening thanks to public health measures. The provinces and territories went into lockdown from mid-March of the year and it is eased from the past few weeks. The number of cases is seen to be decreased at the beginning of June and if the trend continues, they might take a step ahead to make operations and travel normal.

Canada could enable the entry of individuals such as new confirmation of permanent residence (COPR) holders who obtained their COPR after the travel restrictions took effect on March 18. Also, they may look to facilitate the family reunification, even if the purpose of the visit to Canada is for non-essential reasons, which is something that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said last week is an issue currently under consideration.

The prime minister has consulted the premiers from provinces and further decisions will be taken according to the situation.

As the number of cases is seen to be stabilizing slowly, they may allow foreign travelers into the country. Canada has welcomed some travelers from abroad since March 18. Canada has provided the relaxation to travel restriction to certain classes if they follow the health and safety measure and 14-day mandatory quarantine after entering into the country. Considering this, more travelers may be allowed.

In addition to this, Canada has continued the draws of Express Entry and different Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) for candidates to apply for the permanent residence. This is one of the signs that Canada is willing to lift the travel bans gradually.

Considering economic and administrative point of view, Canada would like to continue the operations by inviting foreign workers. Also, it will help to avoid overburdening of the immigration system. The longer the restrictions are in place, the greater pressure there will be on IRCC and Canadian diplomatic missions due to the backlog of individuals waiting to enter Canada. Inviting new candidates will help them to recover the economic losses that were affected because of lockdown. For example, international students contribute nearly $22 billion annually to the Canadian economy and support 170,000 Canadian jobs.

Even if the travel is allowed, health and safety will be the topmost priority for the government and hence the measures will be strictly followed.

However, the flattening curve in Canada is good news for the country as well as the immigration aspirants who are looking forward to migrate and we hope that they might have some announcements for July 1.


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