How long may a visitor stay in Canada ?

A visiting visa (sometimes known as a temporary resident visa) is a piece of paper that we place in your passport. It demonstrates that you meet the entry requirements for Canada. The majority of visitors visiting Canada require a visitor visa.If you’re passing through a Canadian airport on your way to your final destination, you could require one. A visitor visa can be applied for online or on paper.


The border officer may or may not stamp your passport when you arrive in Canada. If your passport stamp has no further notes or your passport was not stamped upon admission, you are allowed to stay in Canada for 6 months from the date you entered or until your passport expires, whichever comes first, under section 183(2) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations.The border officer may, at his or her discretion, decide that you are permitted to stay in Canada for less than six months, in which case he or she will place a note on the stamp in your passport indicating the date by which you must depart Canada.


If you want to stay in Canada for longer than your visa allows, whether it’s 6 months or less, you must apply to IRCC for a stay extension, which should be done at least 30 days before your status expires. While your extension application is being processed, you can stay in Canada in what is known as a “implied” or “maintained” status. If your application for an extension of status is approved, you will receive a new document from IRCC confirming your new departure date, unless you ask for another extension. Importantly, while there is no limit to the number of times you can apply for visitor status extension, the decision on such applications will be made at the discretion of the IRCC reviewing officer.

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