Canadian work experience and education boosts immigrant‘s earning potential

December 16.2019 – Canada’s national statistical agency – Statistics Canada has revealed a new report showing that candidates who obtained permanent resident status after having worked and studied in Canada earn more than the ones with open work permit status.

According to the report, the permanent residents who have admitted to Canada in 2016 with prior work experience had the highest median entry wages than the candidates who have studied later after 2016.

New permanent residents who have worked and studied in Canada had experienced a median entry wage of $39,800, after the arrival of one year. On the other hand, those who had been holding work permit had an income of $38,100.

More the Canadian Work Experience, better the Earning prospects

As per statistics Canada, from the admission year 2007 to the 2016, the number of immigrant tax filers one year after arrival who had work experience in Canada increased by 166%. On the other hand, the number of immigrants with no work experience rose 2%.

Immigrants with permanent residence got the increment in their wages with the increase in the number of years. The immigrants living in Canada since 2007, has experienced their median wage one year after arrival which was $20,400. And, by 2017 the median wage of those immigrants experienced the wage of amount $33,500.


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