Despite COVID19 Pandemic, Alberta still processing immigration applications

Alberta Immigration

Alberta province continues to accept and process the immigration application even during the pandemic. It is good news that Alberta is still doing its best in the interest of the candidates who have made the applications. Although AINP (Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program) has introduced certain temporary measures.

AINP is accepting the copies of the documents as per the requirements which includes the copies of the signatures on the form, where the authenticity will be confirmed by the province through phone call or email.

If the applicant meets certain requirements, they can submit their application. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Candidate must have applied after April 29
  2. Must meet all the selection criteria as per their respective AINP stream
  3. Must include the written explanation stating the reason of their incomplete application
  4. Must provide the proof that the respective document(s) is requested, and the issuing authority is not operational due to coronavirus
  5. If your application is for the Alberta Opportunity Stream, you must include language test result or proof that registration for the test is made on or before October 29, 2020
  6. If your application is for the Alberta Express Entry Stream, you must include valid language test result and an Education Credential Assessment (ECA)

If you have applied on or before April 29 and cannot provide documents, then follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

  1. You must explain in writing the reasons for not providing the documents as per the requirement
  2. You must provide the written evidence that the documents are requested, or the issuing authority is not operational due to coronavirus

Alberta will hold the application for 60 calendar days from the date of mailing in case the application is incomplete. The extension of the said hold will be determined after 45 days which is for 60 calendar days, and that will be so on for a maximum of six months.

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