Construction Trades Job in Canada

Canada Construction Job

Canada is one of the countries that have steady economic growth but on the other hand, as the population growth rate is not at par, the aging population is more and the young population is less. This is one of the reason Canada invites young and talented immigrants. The people in Canada choose career in trades less compared to other sectors. Hence, Canada has long term need for workers in construction trades.

The demand in this sector went high between 2009 and 2014 with the industrial rise. Canada is going to need certified trades workers across country in various construction sectors.

While boom in the industrial sector, as the demand rose, the construction workers were coming from all over the country to participate in the industrial projects. Those made the demand go high for workers in the sector in other locations in the country as well. Hence, the employers turned to international recruitment to fulfil the demand.

Since then, trades roles such as Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Steelworkers, Plant Operators, and others are in high demand across the country. Demand is now rising on larger cities, and demand is going higher on infrastructure projects compared to the remote industrial projects in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The crucial element in preparing to find trades jobs in Canada is having your trade certification from your home country ready and being focusing on gaining local certification (Journeyman status) in Canada as soon as possible. Each province in Canada has its own governing body for trade certification so you will need to start the process by deciding on which province you intend to immigrate to.

To gain Journeyman status, you need to sit the IQ or Red Seal examination and have your trade credentials verified by the appropriate governing body for the province you are moving to. The Red Seal Interprovincial Standards Program, also known as Red Seal or simply IP, is a set of trade qualifications in Canada, jointly administered by the federal, provincial and territorial governments. Learn more about Red Seal certification.

International workers with appropriate local certification are more likely to be paid more than workers who do not have this certification, so it is encouraged that you investigate the process of gaining local certification as soon as possible. Many government agencies will subsidize the cost of gaining local accreditation for international tradespeople.

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