Developing business with a work permit under Canada Start-up Visa

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Canada Start-up Visa: Do you want to start a company in Canada?

The Canadian federal government’s program “The Start-up Visa” provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to start a new business in Canada without requiring a minimum net worth or direct investment. While you wait for the verdict on your application, you can move to Canada on a work permit. Then, with a letter of support and a commitment certificate from appropriate authorities, you can set up your new business in Canada using the proper channels. The work permit under the Canadian Start-Up Visa Program will allow you to work as an entrepreneur to initiate and develop the product and your business. For employment, the majority of work permits are employee and employer specific. However, the CIC guidelines state that there is a provision for a work permit that supports a business that is important to the country’s social, cultural, or economic interests. Alternatively, the corporation may provide jobs to Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

While you wait for your Canadian permanent residency application to be approved, the permit will be valid for one year. Within 12-18 months, a decision on your Canada PR will be made. However, if it takes longer, you have the option of extending your work permit. In addition, you can apply for a work permit under Start-up Visa Canada with your family, including your spouse and children under the age of 18. With the support of a business incubator or another recognised entity, you can start your company. The business incubator provides mentorship and aid in obtaining office spaces, networking with mentors, advisers, and investors, infrastructure assistance, shared services, regulatory compliance, loans, and strategic alliances to all applicants for a minimal cost.

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