How Can Flagpoling Be Used to Renew Canadian Visas?

Canada Immigration -Temporary Residents flagpoling

Some firms are noticing an increase in the number of persons flagpoling as more temporary residents seek quick immigration services. When a person departs Canada and returns to the United States without crossing the border, this is known as flagpoling. At busier border crossings, the process may cause delays. Although it is a totally legal procedure, it might cause complications for Canada Border Service Agency employees. The entire procedure is completed on the spot with this method. The number of days and times that flagpoling can be done at ports of entry has been limited by the CBSA. It also intends to improve application processing procedures. The IRCC issued a statement urging immigration advisors to discourage their clients from flagpolizing their work permits.


Is it possible for me to use a flagpole? Who Qualifies for a Flagpole?

The following people can benefit from flagpoling:

  • Holders of a Work Permit
  • Holders of a Work Permit
  • Holders of Permanent Resident Status

They can renew their permits by flagpoling. They’d simply need to bring their documents to a US border and have their case processed here.

Temporary residents of Canada can also employ flagpoling to confirm their status as Permanent Residents. This may be a better option than waiting months for an IRCC appointment.


Documents Required for Flagpoling :

Depending on why you’re flagpoling, you’ll need different paperwork.


Renewal of a Work or Study Permit

Your passport and current visa will be necessary if you want to renew your study or work permit. You will need a job contract signed by your company, as well as an LMIA, PNP certificate, PNP letter of support, and a valid medical examination for Work Permits. An authentic letter from a recognized educational institution, proof of financial support, and maybe a letter of explanation, CAQ, and custodian declaration will be required for Study Permits (for minors).


Validation of Permanent Residence

The following documents will be necessary if you want to validate your permanent residence:

  1. Official Travel Document or Passport
  2. Proof of legal status in Canada, work permit, study permit, or temporary residence visa Confirmation of PR or letter from Canadian visa office
  3. Payment receipt, copy of extension application are examples of proof of implied status.
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