How can you become a Canadian citizen if one of your parents is a Canadian citizen?

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Citizenship can be passed down to the first generation born outside of Canada, according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).You may be qualified to apply for a Proof of Citizenship, often known as a Canadian citizenship certificate, if your parent is a Canadian. If you can obtain the certificate, you will be able to take advantage of the advantages that come with becoming a Canadian. For good reason, Canada boasts one of the greatest percentages of immigrants who become citizens.

Citizenship allows people to vote, participate in politics, and increase their career chances in Canada. Citizens of Canada can also obtain a passport. This allows individuals to travel to numerous countries without a visa and makes obtaining travel visas easy when necessary. Furthermore, Canadian law permits dual or multiple citizenships. This means you don’t have to give up your previous citizenship in order to become a Canadian citizen. Citizens, like permanent residents, can take advantage of Canada’s universal healthcare system, as well as other social advantages and legal protections.

To become a Canadian citizen, you must submit your birth certificate, which must include the names of both parents and be issued by the government of the country where you were born. If your birth certificate does not list your parents’ names, you must supply a copy of your parent’s birth certificate or birth records that reveal their names at the time of birth. Pre-birth orders, court orders, surrogacy agreements, and hospital documents are all examples of this. You’ll also have to explain why your Canadian parent isn’t named on your birth certificate, or why your birth certificate was altered or replaced. If you are not sure, explain why.

You must also show documentation that at least one of your parents was a Canadian citizen at the time of your child’s birth. This could be a copy of their birth certificate, a copy of their citizenship papers, or other proof. You must also submit pictures as well as an identification proof such as a passport. You must ensure that your documents are legible, easy to see, and in colour when submitting them. IRCC will give you a “acknowledgement of receipt” once you’ve submitted your completed application. They will return your application back to you if it is incomplete, and you will be able to fill in the blanks. You will receive your citizenship certificate once IRCC has approved your application.

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