How to check if your application has been received by Immigration and Citizenship Canada

Visa Application Centres

Once Immigration and Citizenship Canada has started processing your application, they will give you an acknowledgment of receipt letter or email, along with an application number. They do not, however, send an acknowledgment of receipt until they have opened and reviewed your application. Your Application will be returned to you if its incomplete,  It’s missing  fees, or it’s received after a programme has been halted, closed, or a cap has been reached. Given the possibility of a delay between the time Immigration gets your application and the time they open it, there are alternative ways to determine whether your application has been received. These techniques differ depending on whether you applied using:

  • mail (paper application)
  • a Visa Application center or
  • an online account


If you sent your application by Mail 

It is recommended that you choose a courier service that needs a signature upon delivery when mailing in your application. This will provide you with a delivery confirmation as well as the ability to track your goods.You can access comprehensive application status and communications online for some paper applications by linking the paper application to an online account.

To link an application, follow these steps:

Use one of the following methods to access your online account:

  • GCKey is a term that refers to a (if you already have a GCKey username and password)
  • Sign in with a partner (using your bank credentials to sign in)
  • Create an account (you can use this option to create an account if you don’t have banking credentials or a GCkey long-in).
  • Click “Add (link) your application to your account to monitor your status” under “View the applications you submitted” in your account.
  • Fill in all of the fields precisely as you did on your initial application. If you made any changes after you submitted your application, use the most recent information.


If you make your application at a visa application center (VAC)

VACs provide tracking systems that let you know when Immigration Canada has received your application.


If you submitted an online application 

After submitting your application online, you will be directed to a confirmation page. You’ll also get an email requesting that you check your account. Your account will receive a confirmation message with a confirmation number. Keep a record of your confirmation number. Please keep in mind that receiving an email from IRCC after you’ve completed your application may take a few hours.

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