Few tips on how to get a job in Canada

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If you are planning to study in Canada or applying for Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) or moving to Canada or even processing for a Permanent Resident application, you may be thinking how you can get a job in Canada. A good and secured job gives you a good experience that eventually becomes a golden opportunity to gain PR to Canada or maybe it helps you to gain some extra points in the PR process.

There are some good tips on how to get a job in Canada even during critical times. Read further to know more.


1. Get your resume in good shape

While applying for a job, a good resume is the first and most important part. Because it presents a summary of your career to date. Design or get your resume designed with the professionals. It is an investment you will never regret.

You may contact us during your process for additional service of resume building.


2. Start looking at open opportunities

There are always some organizations that have vacancies or new hiring coming down the way. Keep looking for such opportunities and apply for the post. You can even go for cold-calling. Cold-calling is a way of showing interest in working with the organization and applying for the post even when no vacancy or advertisement for a vacancy is released. Indirectly, we ask them to consider our application whenever there is an empty spot.


3. Build your network

Always get to know new people and get in touch with them. Networking is the best way to get to know about the hidden jobs or hiring and you can apply with reference. Sometimes references work in the best way to get you the desired job. Also, good networking will help you make a new circle.

Contacting recruiters and using online job searches are recommended and legitimate methods to look for a job. However, getting hidden jobs can be tricky sometimes.  Here are the tips to achieve your desired goal.


Be Direct:

You usually apply from different mediums like through online application, via an agency or respond to vacancy. But sometimes, there are no vacancies or advertisements are given. In such cases, you have to approach first. Any job you wish to apply for, contact the employer by your side and make an application from your side. As mentioned above, you may contact your side and show interest. You approaching first will show your interest in the organization and your initiative makes your profile look positive.


Network well, to work it in your favor:

As mentioned above, networking helps you to get you the goals you wish to achieve. It builds contact and references and that helps you to get information regarding the available jobs and it works like magic.

In order to build a network, start attending the events related to your industry, or field of interest. Print business cards and hand them to the ones you think can help. Try to be outgoing and confident and represent yourself well to people. Try to initiate the conversation and get in touch with more people. Exchange the contacts with the people who seem important and can help. These are some basic ways to build contacts and build a good network to help yourself out. Maintain the track and list of people you meet and sort them that may help you in need. Because most people won’t be in use immediately but down the line, they might be of some help.


Go for informational interviews:

Informational interviews can help you to gain more knowledge and information regarding the industry. You can get in touch with people, go for an informational interview and get to know about the job search and market condition and start your job search accordingly or at least know what to expect from the market. If you’re an IT specialist who wants to land a job in Canada but doesn’t know where to begin, setting up an informational interview with someone in your field can kick-start your job search and give you access to another person’s contacts.

In order to build your potential, you may use your social media handles like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ and many more to get in touch with the professionals of your industry. LinkedIn is the best option out there for professional networks.

In addition to the resume, online application, websites and agencies, and vacancies given by the organization, there are some more informal ways to achieve your desired goal and fulfill your career dreams.


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