How to identify a valid job offer in Canada?

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Job offers are highly valued when it comes to immigrating to Canada. Some programs, such as the PNPs, largely depend upon job offers. A valid job offer can also provide you with 50 to 200 additional CRS points in Express Entry. However, the lesser-known fact is that a fraudulent or fake job offer can deem you inadmissible to Canada. And, this can put a ban of five years. You will learn how to recognize and understand a legitimate job offer in this article.

The Federal Skilled Worker Job Offer or the Canadian Experience Class Job Offer is valid if it has been made by an employer, is full-time (30 hours/week), not seasonally based, and belongs to the NOC A, B, or 0. You must also meet one of three criteria in order to earn arranged employment points toward permanent residency:

  • An employer must have a positive LMIA which approves your offer and names you as the employee under the specific NOC A, B, or 0 job. Applicants are misled by certain fraudulent employers or consultants with neutral or negative LMIAs; “OR”
  • Your employer must continue to employ you for at least one year after permanent residency if you are working on a NOC A, B, or 0 job based on a LMIA; “OR”
  • If you are on a LMIA exempt but employer-specific work permit working in NOC A, B, or 0 jobs and have:
    • One year of experience working under the same employer, and
    • Your employer continues to employ you after permanent residency for at least one year.


How to identify a valid job offer?

  • Do not make recruitment-related payments to immigration representatives, consultants, or anyone offering employment.
  • Do not believe a verbal job offer, especially when you need an offer letter containing your employment details for immigration purposes.
  • To ensure the company’s legitimacy, investigate the company’s website, online reviews, as well as the Canadian Business Registry or Provincial Business Registry.
  • Do not share your details, such as your home address or SIN number. Your SIN number is required after getting hired.
  • Review all relevant job offer details and documentation, including:
    • Offer letter on the company’s letterhead.
    • The offer letter includes details such as working hours, pay, responsibilities, and location.
    • The LMIA or registration “A” number under the International Mobility Program.

A fraudulent job offer is considered misrepresentation and will lead to the application being refused as well as the entry ban for five years. Moreover, place you on a permanent record for fraud and can take away your permanent resident or Canadian citizen status.

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