How to sponsor your partner for immigration to Quebec

sponsor your partner for immigration to Quebec
  • January 13, 2021

A citizen of Canada or permanent resident may sponsor to their partner or spouse to immigrate to Quebec. As the Quebec has the additional powers and its own immigration system, the aspirant must go through an additional step in the application process. This means an individual who wish to immigrate to Quebec will have to file an application at the federal level with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and at the provincial level with Ministry of Immigration, Francization and Integration (MIFI).

The first step is to sponsor your partner is to complete the sponsorship and permanent residence application with the Government of Canada by submitting complete form, supporting document and paying processing fees to IRCC. In addition, you are required to include the sponsored person’s application for permanent residence along with the supporting document and pay the fees.

When your application is deemed eligible by IRCC, you are required to file an application for an undertaking with MIFI. The undertaking is a contract that binds you as a sponsor to your spouse or partner and the Quebec government. Then you have to downloaded the specified kit from the MIFI website and fill the form, attach the supporting documents and pay the required fees.

If your application is approved by MIFI, it will be forwarded to IRCC office and application for permanent residence for the sponsored people will be processed. The sponsored person must meet the health, criminality and security requirement along with eligibility criteria.

Once the person receives PR, he/she can enjoy all the benefits provided by the MIFI to the permanent residence and citizens.

IRCC usually takes approximately 12 months to process the spousal sponsorship applications including two or three month waiting period during which the sponsorship application is reviewed.

Things you need to know

If you are wishing to sponsor spouse or common law partner

  • Ensure that you are eligible
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You are Canadian citizen, permanent residence or First Nations person

There is no minimum threshold for the sponsorship to prove in terms of financial resources, however you have to prove that you can support yourself and the person you are sponsoring for PR.

In order to prove you can live or return to Quebec and have financial ability, you may

  • Provide a bank attestation indicating that you have sufficient funds to support yourself
  • Indicate in a letter of explanation the steps you and your spouse intend to take to find a job quickly or provide information on your diplomas and experience, with particular reference to the current job offer in Quebec.

You should provide information with solid evidence.

Even after meeting these criteria, you may not be allowed to sponsor your partner:

  • If you have committed violent crime or any related criminal activity
  • If you are financially responsible for former spouse/partner and still bound by three-year undertaking
  • If you have declared bankruptcy and have not been discharged

There are certain condition that sponsored person should meet like

  • Should be 18 years of age
  • Should pass the background, security and medical checks

In addition, please note that the Quebec government forms are in French only, so you should arrange support in filling the forms if you are not fluent in that language to avoid misunderstanding or issue.

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