Canadian Government continues to support its immigrants

The vital importance of immigrants for Canada and how it will help the economy during and after the coronavirus pandemic was emphasized during the recent interview by Federal Immigration Minister, Mr Marco Mendicino.

“COVID-19 is showing us the need for continued strong immigration to Canada and the important contribution of immigrant workers to the Canadian economy,” federal Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino said on May 15, 2020, when he spoke with the Canadian Press.

When Canadian analysts and critics raised questions on Canada’s high immigration targets and its open immigration policies at the time of the latest economic crisis that is visible and threatens to survive long after passing the health crisis,

“[It is] vitally important that we continue to immigrate today in a manner that is safe and orderly and also to drive that future that we all believe will be underpinned by immigration as it has been in the past.” Mr Mendicino responded.

Immigration will remain constant, Mendicino believes, an “enduring value” for Canadians.

Since many decades, the openness of the Canadian government has been promoted with accessibility and inclusion of immigrant’s importance, yet the COVID pandemic has affected it negatively. The federal government’s actions against the spread of coronavirus have created high unemployment rates and restrictions of international border entrance including students to travel in an era of social distancing and uncertainty.

Mendicino is confident and hopeful. “I have faith that Canadians believe in immigration,” he said columnist Susan Delacourt in the response of the interview.

“That’s because they relate to it. It’s part of who we are. At its core, immigration is about people coming together to build a stronger country, which is what we’ve seen throughout our history, throughout this pandemic and, I’m confident, what we will see in the future.”


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