If you are planning to settle abroad, there are various programs provided by Canada and Australia. An easy process and your profile eligibility will definitely increase your chances to be welcome by those countries. Here we have given a brief introduction on how immigration for permanent residence works.



Professional and Skilled workers must demonstrate their eligibility to gain permanent residence in Canada at the economic level. This is why the main selection factors of all economic programs are suitable education, work experience in a high-demand occupation, and language abilities under one of Canada’s official languages.

IRCC manages Canada’s federal skilled worker immigration programs using the Express Entry system. Under this system, applicants who meet basic criteria submit an online profile to the Express Entry pool, known as an expression of interest, under one of the 3 federal Canada immigration programs: the federal skilled worker program, federal skilled trades, the Canadian experience class.

In addition to this, the Canadian government offers Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) to attain PR in a particular province along with pilot programs as well. Canada’s ten provinces and three territories can nominate skilled worker candidates for admission to Canada with the specific skills required by their local economies. Successful candidates who receive a provincial or territorial nomination can then apply for Canadian permanent residence through federal immigration authorities. This is an important component of all provincial programs.

The province of Quebec manages its own immigration programs Quebec skilled worker and the Quebec Experience Class.  They must be selected by Quebec’s immigration authority. Selected applicants will receive a Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ). This is an official document issued by Quebec immigration authorities to attest that the candidate has been selected by the province. It is not a visa, so it cannot be utilized to enter into Canada. An approved CSQ holder must file a permanent residence application with IRCC within 24 months since the date the CSQ was issued.

More information about each program (eligibility criteria, step by step process, and opportunities) is available at the links below:

Express Entry                                                         

Under Family Class, a person can sponsor certain family members to become Canadian permanent residents. when a person becomes a permanent resident, he or she can sponsor a relative to come to Canada as a permanent resident, he/she will be responsible for supporting their relative financially whenever they arrive.

More information about Sponsorship Immigration (eligibility criteria, step by step process, and opportunities) is available at the links below:



You must first lodge an Expression of Interest through Skill Select and then you will be invited by the Department of Immigration to apply. In order to be eligible to lodge an Expression of Interest, the applicant needs to meet the requirement of 65 points, should be aged between 18 and 44, pass the skill assessment, should achieve at least CLB 7 in English, and also meet health and character requirements.

For Australian PR, there below mentioned programs available where you can apply meeting your basic eligibility requirements:


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