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Federal Skilled Worker program – Express Entry

Migrating to another country is a huge and life-changing decision for every individual. There are various countries that offer Migration to skilled people but Canada is always the first choice to migrate due to their flexible and liberal immigration process. Canada is the second-largest country with a population of 30 million people. It is a multicultural country, also known as the safest country due to its low crime rate. Moreover, Canada is a fast-growing country with multiple opportunities for potential professionals. It has more than 50 migration programs to choose from and settle.


Federal Skilled Worker (Express Entry):

The express entry program had been introduced in January 2015. Skilled workers who want to migrate to Canada can apply under the Federal skilled worker program without a job offer. In the federal skilled worker program, skills are assessed by education, work experience, language ability, and other factors. The federal government aims for those applicants who have a high skill level which can be classified according to Canadian standards.

Express Entry Program is one of the fastest programs of Immigration. It’s an online application program that runs on a point-based system. The candidates are provided Invitations to Apply through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The highest scoring profiles are selected from Express Entry Pool with respect to the CRS cut-off.


To be eligible for Express Entry application, the candidate must have:


Application Process:

If the candidate meets all desired requirements, the Federal government‘s Electronic platform allows an individual to create their online application which would be valid for 12 months.

The online application portal is also called CRS (Comprehensive ranking system). It is a 1200 points based process, which is divided into 2 parts as below:

The Canadian government has designed a point-based system that gives a ranking score to each candidate who has a valid profile in the federal pool system (Express Entry Pool System). Approximately every 2 weeks, a draw is conducted wherein ITAs (Invitation to apply) for permanent residency are issued to the highest Scoring Candidates.

Once ITA is received, the applicant has to submit an online application in 60 days on Federal Portal. The government will further analyse the application and decide if an individual can become a permanent resident. During this process, an individual would be required to produce positive medical test reports along with a clear criminal record check.

Irrespective of the applicant’s eligibility with respect to the requirement, IRCC does not provide assurance of issuing an invitation to Apply.


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