In 11 months, Nova Scotia Immigration holds its first Entrepreneur Draw

Nova Scotia PNP Draw nova scotia new immigration targets Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Draw
  • November 8, 2022

On November 1, Nova Scotia Immigration held its first business immigration draw in 11 months, issuing 12 invitations through two streams of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program.

  1. There were six invitations issued through the Entrepreneur stream, with a minimum score of 128.
  2. There were also six invitations issued through the International Graduate Entrepreneur stream, with a minimum score of 47 points.


Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream

A candidate with business ownership experience or senior management experience is targeted by the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur stream. In order to qualify, a person must reside in Nova Scotia, start a new business or buy an existing one, and actively manage that business on a day-to-day basis.

The Entrepreneur stream offers temporary work permits before granting permanent residency after a year of business operation. The stream uses an Expression of Interest format, where candidates in a pool are invited to apply.

Requirements for the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream

  • Expression of Interest
  • Invitation to Apply
  • In Person Interview and Business Performance Agreement
  • Nova Scotia Work Permits and Business Establishments
  • Nomination Request
  • Permanent Residency Application


Candidate Requirements for the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream

  • Age 21 or older is required.
  • Own and run a Nova Scotia business while living permanently in Nova Scotia.
  • A minimum net worth of $600,000 is required.
  • A minimum investment of $150,000 is required to establish or purchase a business in Nova Scotia.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience actively managing and owning a business (33 per cent ownership minimum) OR more than 5 years of experience in a senior business management role.
  • The Canadian Language Benchmark requires at least a 5 in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in either English or French.


Nova Scotia International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

Similar to the Entrepreneur stream, this stream is for recent graduates of Nova Scotia universities and community colleges. On a Post-Graduation Work Permit, they must have started or purchased a Nova Scotia business and operated it for a year.

In order to qualify for permanent residence, candidates must intend to settle in a province. Expressions of Interest work in a similar manner to Entrepreneur streams.

Steps to becoming an international graduate entrepreneur

  1. Expression of Interest
  2. Invitation to Apply
  3. In-Person Interview and Nomination
  4. Apply for Permanent Residence


Candidate Requirements for the International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

  • Own and manage a Nova Scotia business while living permanently in the province.
  • A minimum of one year’s experience actively managing and owning your current Nova Scotia business (100 percent ownership).
  • Completed at least two academic years of full-time, in-person study at a Nova Scotia university or community college.
  • Valid post-graduation work permit.
  • English or French language proficiency of 7 on the Canadian Language Benchmark.


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