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Foreign nationals who have been detained or found guilty of a crime may be deemed criminally inadmissible in Canada. Being criminally inadmissible might cause issues for tourists, even if they are merely passing through Canada and do not intend to stay there. When catching a connecting flight out of Canada, passengers are frequently still obliged to go through Canadian customs. There is no distinction between entering Canada to remain and entering Canada to travel through to another nation in the view of the Canadian border guards. Therefore, whether or not you want to stay in Canada, having a criminal bar to entry can be difficult.

Fortunately, if you plan ahead for your trip, there are alternatives available to you. In order to overcome criminal inadmissibility while travelling through Canada, there are three basic options:

  1. Apply for a Temporary Resident Permit.
  2. Send a Legal Opinion Letter
  3. Submit Criminal Rehabilitation Application.


Application for a Temporary Resident Permit

A Temporary Resident Permit (TRP), which provides temporary entrance to Canada for a set length of time, is an alternative for someone who is deemed criminally ineligible. A TRP is utilised when a visitor has a legitimate cause for entering Canada and their advantages surpass any potential threats to Canadian society. Depending on the entrance reason, a TRP application may be granted for a period of up to three years. It is not necessary to serve out a felony term in order to apply for a TRP.


Application for Criminal Rehabilitation

For the purpose of entering Canada, the Canadian government provides the option to submit a criminal rehabilitation application, which will completely erase your prior criminal record. The application for criminal rehabilitation is a one-time fix that doesn’t need to be renewed. An individual is no longer regarded as being inadmissible after gaining approval for criminal rehabilitation, and they would no longer need a TRP to enter Canada.


Letter of Legal Opinion

Including a legal analysis of your case and how it fits into the framework of Canadian law, the legal opinion letter will explain the repercussions of a conviction for the purposes of Canadian immigration. Although the letter cannot remove criminal barring, it can provide justification for your first admission. A TRP application or a criminal rehabilitation application may be presented with the letter. You may also submit it if you have already been found guilty of a crime but the case is still being prosecuted.

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