Increasing Requirement of Immigrants in Canada

immigrants in Canada

The economy of every country is affected due to international border lockdown and to resume such loss Canada needs immigrants for economic recovery. Such declaration found in time and time again from Immigration minister Marco Mendicino. As per the Canadian government, over 9 million people are reaching the retiring age over the next ten years. The levels planned in the list to welcome more than one million immigrants into Canada by the end of 2022 to overcome the situation of the economic effect due to retirement.

With the continuity of the coronavirus pandemic, Canada will depend on immigrants now more than ever. Various applications including applications of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are still processing. Critics will argue that Canada needs to plan its immigration tightly as of rising unemployment rates across the country because it does not make sense to have so many people and fewer jobs. ‘This would be similar to U.S. President Trump’s move to freeze immigration for the rest of the year, citing unemployment as the reason’. Nevertheless, a rebuttal would be, this is recouped by Canada’s aging population and low birth rate. With leaves of baby boomers in the coming decade due to retirement, people for the job market are required. Even if they allow the existing population including under-represented talent sources, they will not be able to fulfill the market need.

Deep research on immigration applications pushed them towards such a step as most immigrants are younger than the Canadian average which means they will spend several decades contributing to the economy upon their arrival. At the start of this year 2020 it was noticed that over 80% of Canadian population growth came through immigration programs only. The current population of Canada is now approximately 38 million. The educational and professional skill set of such immigrants can be helpful for the economic growth of Canada as they arrive with an entrepreneurial spirit and open shops that will create jobs for Canadians.

Steps of government to settle the country’s economy is going to be good news for immigrants who have planned to migrate to Canada, and they will also get support as well to process their files faster than usual. ‘Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we should not lose sight of the long-term benefits of immigration.’ this is a conclusion found by border experts from the stairway declared by Canada for immigrants.


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