Sponsor your Spouse for PR: Inland Spousal Sponsorship in Canada

spousal sponsorship Inland spousal sponsorship

Imagine a person X in living in Canada as a citizen or permanent resident in the country and his/her spouse Y is currently on the temporary resident visa in Canada. In that case, the spouse Y must be on Study Permit or Visitor Visa. Now that is a limited period visa where there will be restriction on stay or work. A general question arises that in this condition can spouse Y apply for Open Work Permit or PR while X is on the PR or citizen status?

The answer is YES! There is a provision to make application. It is Inland Spousal Sponsorship.


What is Inland Spousal Sponsorship?

Inland spousal sponsorship is a pathway for the Canadian citizen or PR who wish to have their spouse/conjugal or common-law partner live with them as permanent residents of Canada while the spouse/ partner already have temporary resident status (working, studying or visiting) in Canada and currently residing in the country itself.

Applicants (spouse/partner on temporary resident visa) may also be eligible to apply for open work permit that allows them to work while waiting on their immigration decision.


Eligibility Criteria:

The sponsor must be

  • Legally a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • At least 18 years old
  • Able to provide the basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter
  • Able to support your spouse/partner financially
  • Able to ensure that your spouse/partner does not need to ask for financial help from the Canadian government.

The spouse/partner must be

  • At least 18 years old
  • Must have medical, criminal and background checks
  • Able to prove that a genuine relationship exists between the two, providing solid evidence of your involvement and commitment.

If the sponsor lives in Quebec, they may need to meet additional requirements.

The applicant must be

  • Hold valid, temporary status in Canada
  • At least 18 years old
  • Not be a close blood relative of the sponsor

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