Interview questions: How to present yourself in interview

Interview Questions

Getting a desired job is not an easy process. You have to go through various steps. But an interview is the most important part where we can demonstrate our suitability for the job. In this article, we will give you some advice on how to present yourself in an interview.

The first thing that matters the most in the interview is communication skills. Practice speaking confidently, loud enough to communicate comfortably, and language should be clear. If you are facing issues in speaking, start practicing the speech.


Preparing for the interview: General Advice

  • When you are applying for a certain job, ensure that you have researched for your roles and job description and the company extensively. If you are new to the place/country, you should demonstrate the ability to get up to speed quickly.
  • Prepare to speak about your motive and motivation for moving to Canada (or to any place you wish to move) and how long you are planning to stay or you are planning to settle down. As companies want to hire employees who wish to build careers with the company and stay with them for the long term. Ensure that you display your intention of staying in Canada.
  • Many interviewers may ask “tell me about yourself” to which you should be prepared with an overview of yourself that summarizes your profile. They say, the first impression is the last, so use this part to make your impression worthy.
  • You may research the answer to a potential interview question and ensure that you remember the answers promptly. Proper planning and preparations will get you through. Keep checking our blog in this series to know about the potential interview questions.
  • Sometimes interviewers will ask planned interview questions to test your ability to think on your feet. Listen carefully to each question, always pause to plan your answer, and only speak when you know exactly what points you are going to make. Focus on having an introduction, a body, and a summary for each answer.
  • Speak slowly. Sometimes you may get excited or worried which might be the reason to speak fast. Speaking slowly will ensure that you have a chance to think and work out on what to say next. Also, it will ensure your answers to interview questions are fully understood.
  • Always think before you speak.
  • Be aware that all workers have the right to be treated fairly and with respect, even during the job interview. Learn more about your rights during an interview.


How to Answer Interview Questions

  1. Answer briefly, but try to avoid yes or no answers. If you have to say yes or no, add the reason to it for clarification.
  2. Don’t worry about pausing before you answer as it shows you can think before answering. That is a positive impact. But do not take too much time, which might make you lose the concentration to the question.
  3. Don’t worry about admitting that you don’t know something, but don’t say it too often. It can be acceptable for certain questions.
  4. Be prepared for hypothetical interview questions. Before answering, take your time, and think before you speak.
  5. Be prepared for unexpected interview questions. That may be to test your presence of mind and how you deal with a situation.
  6. Keep the conversation moving, but ensure it does not go off the track.
  7. Speak up when answering interview questions. Keep your speech loud and clear.

When you are preparing for an interview, keep the above generic things in your mind and ensure that you are ready for the interview along with your set of documents that you wish to present.

Next week, we will discuss the typical interview questions that are asked in interviews and how you can answer them effectively.

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