Interview questions: What are the Typical Interview Questions?

Interview questions

In last two blogs, we saw how to prepare for interview along with good presentations as well as general instructions to keep in mind and also, how to answer some typical questions in interview. This week, we are going to discuss some personality based questions that may be asked to you during an interview, the answers of which may differ from person to person. But there’s a key to create your answer. These questions are asked to assess how you are as a person and how you will turn out as an employee or coworker as our personality affects the surrounding environment and the working environment affects the performance of the employee. Hence, there are some ways to answer the personality based questions or create an honest answer that does not have negative impact on your profile or assessment.


Personality based Interview Questions and how to answer them:


  • Do you generally speak to people before they speak to you?

When they ask this question, they want to check how confident you are around people as we usually work in an environment where we have to meet and greet many people. The answer for this question can be

 “It depends on the circumstances.” You can add how you tend to talk to people usually but you don’t get too personal or interfere in their matter. Never show yourself too extroverted or introverted. Mention as you are a friendly person but not nosy.


  • Which was the last book you read/movie you saw/sports event you attended?

Talk about books, sports, or films to show that you have balance in your life. Interview questions like this give a glimpse into your personality, so try to be positive.

Don’t bluff on the question. Be genuine, which means if you are not fond of reading books; be honest on what you reply. If you watch more movies or fewer movies, just answer honestly. Do not boast a lot about anything. If you read a lot, do not go for extensive discussion of your favourite book that may sound too much to them.


  • What is the toughest part of a job for you?

Be honest. Remember, not everyone can do everything. It is ok to be learner or amateur and not expert at everything.

To answer this question, you can state what difficulties you faced and also add how you are trying to overcome those difficulties, in case you have to perform the particular action again.


  • Are you creative?

Yes, give examples.

To support your example, if you have any evidence on resume or some photograph, write up or video on your phone that is handy, you can show it to them. But before that, always ask for their permission. But make sure you do not take too much time.


  • How would you describe your own personality?

You should answer it like, “Balanced”.

Do not show yourself at extreme. Speaking too well about you will make it sound like “too good to be true” and speaking negative may create a negative impression. So, always mention your strength along with pinch of weakness as no one is perfect.


  • Are you a leader?

Yes, and give examples where you have led successfully.

If you do not have any solid thing for leadership, state it like: “I have been a follower until now, but I have learned from my leaders and I believe I am capable enough to lead if given opportunity.”

If they ask what have you learned from your leader, state two or three good qualities.


  • What are your future goals?

Avoid “I would like the job you advertised”. Instead, give long term goals. You can try setting some goals and bifurcate as short and long term goals. But make sure those goals are practical and not too dreamy or high. Because those who interview you are experienced enough to know which goals are achievable in particular period of time. Be confident while answering this question and be honest.


  • What are your strong points?

Give at least three and relate them to the company and job you are interviewing for. You should always mention that your strong points will allow you develop as professional and help you in performing your job responsibilities and goals.


The questions mentioned above are some general questions that are usually asked yet they are not the only questions that may be asked. These questions can be answered in more than one way as personality of people is different from one another. So you should be well-prepared and you can do the mock round before you present yourself in interview.

Next week, we will discuss the Career Goal related Interview Questions that are usually asked in interview and how you can answer them effectively.

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