Interview questions: What are the Typical Interview Questions?

Typical Interview Questions

In previous blogs, we have seen how to prepare for interview, how to answer typical question and how to answer the personality based question.

This week, we will discuss the typical career based question that may be asked to you during an interview. The answer differs for each candidate as each and every person has the different career goals. But there are some things that we should keep in mind while building our answer. Usually employers are seeking ROI (Return on Investment) from you as you are an asset to the respective organization. Employers wish to see how you will be useful to their organization and bring some value to it. Your career goals define the nature and your passion of your work and that helps the employer decide whether you will be a useful employee or not. You set future goals will not only help you to rise in your career but also employer as you will work sincerely to meet your goals.

Here are some examples of common career goal based questions:

Career goals-based question:


  1. If you could start your career again, what would you do differently?

Don’t give the impression of being regretful. You can say something progressive. You can mention things like starting with a good learning experience or working with a well-known organization or learning a new skill that is useful for the career.

In this question, they are assessing whether you are happy with your career or what type of things you are looking for in your career. So when you answer this, take a moment to think and prepare your answer accordingly. You can also mention the opportunities you could have grabbed but could not take those opportunities and give valid reason. And add that how you are willing to take such opportunity in future to progress.

We all make mistakes but when we are willing to rectify the mistakes makes all the difference.


  1. What career options do you have now?

Relate these to the position and industry. Although do not state that you have options of applying to other companies as it will make negative impression. Show your commitment towards your work. After stating the options, mention why you would like to work at the organization where you are being interviewed in order to ensure the employer that you believe in fulfilling commitments.\


  1. How would you describe the essence of success? According to your definition of success, how successful have you been so far?

Think carefully about your answer to this interview question and relate it to your career accomplishments. You can say, “I have been giving my best to my job and after each period of time, I have achieved a milestone and gained valuable experience. I am at my best so far but I am willing to achieve more in future by enhancing my skills and expanding my capabilities.” You can mention here what is your accomplishment.

The questions mentioned above are some general questions that are usually asked yet they are not the only questions that may be asked. These questions can be answered in more than one way as career goals of people are different from one another. So you should be well-prepared and you can do the mock round before you present yourself in interview.

Next week, we will discuss the Your Work Habits and Style related Interview Questions that are usually asked in interview and how you can answer them effectively.

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