IRCC switches 19 PR Programs to 100% online applications

Online Processing Times for IRCC canada citizenship online application IRCC switches 19 PR Programs to 100% online applications
  • September 7, 2022

The Department of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC) is implementing 100% online applications for most permanent immigration programs in order to modernize Canada’s immigration system and improve client service.

The Permanent Residence Portal has enabled some clients to apply for permanent immigration programs online since March 31, 2021. By using this online option, clients will be able to apply from their devices and receive immediate confirmation that their application has been submitted successfully. The portal has been expanded and is now open to most applicants for the permanent residence program.

Transition to 100% online will beginning on September 23, 2022 starting with 8 PR programs. By October 28, 2022, 19 PR programs are expected to be 100% Online

For clients who cannot submit applications online but need accommodations, including due to a disability, an alternative format will be available upon request. Otherwise, applications that are received after the transition dates will be returned to applicants. More information on the alternative submission process will follow.

IRCC switches 19 PR Programs to 100% online applications

More than 217,000 new citizens have been admitted to Canada this year, exceeding its citizenship goals for 2021-2022. Between April 1 and July 31, Canada has welcomed more than 116,000 new citizens, compared to 35,000 during the same period last year.


In 2022, over 300,000 new permanent residents have been registered

IRCC admitted more than 405,000 new permanent residents to Canada in 2021, setting a record. By 2022, we aim to welcome 431,000 permanent residents, and we are on track to do so. More than 300,000 permanent residents have already been welcomed to Canada since August 22, surpassing the milestone earlier than ever before.

Immigration is about people. It’s about starting a new job, reuniting a family and creating a new life in this beautiful country we call home,” Fraser said in the release. “As we look to strengthen our immigration system by updating our technology, people—our clients—must be at the centre of all that we do. By adding resources where they are needed, and leveraging technology to make processing faster and applying easier for our clients, we can give newcomers and new citizens the welcoming experience they deserve.

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