Labor Shortages on priority for upcoming Canadian Federal Election

Canada’s non-profit organization has requested a meeting with all the political parties in the forthcoming Canadian federal election to take major steps to resolve the concerns related to the labor shortage. About 429,000 jobs were with unfulfilled vacancies in the second quarter of 2019; as a result of which Canadian business association is seeking the talent.

According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), “The average job vacancy rate in Canada has been at 3.2 percent for the last four consecutive years.”

 “There are also prospects of wages getting increased in the organizations where the positions are vacant as there is extreme pressure for it.” – said, TED Mallet and Chief economist in the media release. The vacancy rates are most probably getting influenced by future outlooks, growth intentions, business sizes, and firm-specific job characteristics. Also, Geography and Industry sectors are the reason that makes a variance in the vacancy rate.

Below is the vacancy rates recorded according to the provinces:

Province Vacancy rate Unfilled Jobs Change
Quebec 3.9 % 116,000  
British Columbia 3.9 % 74,700 +0.1%
Ontario 3.2 % 169,900 -0.1%
New Brunswick 3.1 % 7,400 +0.1 %
Manitoba 2.6 % 11,500 +0.1 %
Nova Scotia 2.3 % 7,100  
Prince Edward Island 2.2 % 1,000 +0.2 %
Saskatchewan 2.1 % 7,400 -0.1 %
Newfoundland & Labrador 2.0 % 3,000 +0.1 %
Alberta 1.9 % 31,300 -0.1 %

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