Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) – Frequently Asked Questions

Canadian Job LMIA

These are some of the most common questions that foreign workers who want to immigrate to Canada have about the LMIA:


How long does it take for the LMIA to be approved?

There are two timescales to consider: the time it takes to prepare the LMIA application and the time it takes for the government to process it. An average LMIA will take 6-8 weeks to complete. This provides for the mandatory 4-week advertising period to run, as well as time for advertisement translation and document delivery by the employer. The timeline is ultimately determined by how responsive the employer is to information requests, as delays in supplying documents or information will cause the entire process to be delayed.

There are other occupations, such as agriculture, where the advertising period is shorter or where advertising is not required (highly skilled, highly paid occupations under the Global Skills Strategy). The majority of the time, however, the regular advertising period is required. An LMIA might take anything from 10 business days to 4-5 months to be processed by the government. Processing times vary significantly based on the type of LMIA submitted and the office that is handling it.


How much does an LMIA cost?

Professional expenses, advertising fees, and government processing fees are just a few of the charges to consider. The cost of a professional LMIA varies based on the type of LMIA you need and who you choose to work with. It’s acceptable to request an estimate for the entire LMIA procedure up front, so you know exactly how much your total out-of-pocket expenditures will be before you begin. Depending on your scenario, a consultation may be required before a firm LMIA quote can be supplied in order to determine whether an LMIA is appropriate for your situation and what type of LMIA will be required.

The cost of advertising will vary based on the sort of LMIA you require, but you should get a price before you begin the procedure. The cost of obtaining an LMIA from the government varies based on the type of LMIA you require. The government assesses an LMIA application for a work visa under the Temporary Foreign Worker stream for $1000. There is no government charge associated with an LMIA that allows an applicant to apply for Permanent Residence; however, a $1000 fee will apply if a dual intent LMIA is requested. LMIA allows a foreign citizen to apply for a work visa and begin working before their Permanent Residence application is accepted. Keep in mind that paying any percentage of the expense of obtaining an LMIA is against the law. The employer is required by Canadian law to fund the costs of acquiring an LMIA.


How difficult is it to obtain an LMIA?

If you engage with a representation who is familiar with the procedure, getting an LMIA granted is totally achievable. The LMIA process has been designed by the Canadian government to be tough, and the government’s default position is always refuse. They want to make it more difficult for businesses to hire foreign workers in order to protect Canadian jobs. However, there are many instances where Canadian people are unavailable to fill critical tasks, and overseas labour are the only choice. Working with an expert LMIA consultant will be the best investment you make in your foreign worker program.


What happens after the LMIA is approved?

The LMIA is only one step in the hiring procedure for a foreign worker. The employee cannot begin working for you until they have either a work permit with your company’s name on it or have arrived in Canada as a Permanent Resident.

You should provide a copy of the LMIA approval to the foreign worker you wish to hire and ask them to keep you updated on their next steps in submitting the requisite immigration application once you receive it. The validity of an accepted LMIA is only 6 months, thus the worker must act fast to complete their immigration application before the LMIA expires.

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