Media campaigns across India – launched by IRCC

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in its new initiatives has introduced media campaigns targeting Indian aspirants seeking Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) for Canada. Launched on 3rd June, the campaign aims to encourage visa aspirants to pick authentic and certified sources for visa services and assistance. 

This first of its kind media campaign focusses on Indian TRV applicants; specifically in the Punjab region. In order to minimize unauthorized immigration attempts by Indian TRV aspirants and encourage online Visa Application, IRCC has initiated this campaign with an aim to meet the following objectives:

  • Discourage Indian TRV applicants whose applications have been refused more than once from reapplying multiple times, unless their situation has significantly changed.
  • Discourage Indian TRV applicants and their families from using unauthorized and/or undeclared immigration consultants.
  • Encourage Indian TRV applicants to apply online, if/when possible.

For maximum outreach of the campaign and spurring online visa applications, IRCC has utilized both traditional and digital advertisement platforms. Print, radio and social media platforms are aggressively being utilized for promoting IRCC’s message.

Social Media posts imparting IRCC’s message are being shared across IRCC’s Global as well as Indian Facebook Pages and Twitter channels. Canada has collaborated with radio partners like Radio Mirchi, Big FM and MyFM to run ads in English, French and Punjabi language throughout Punjab. Launched on 10th June, the radio ads and will run till 30th June.

Media campaigns have also been launched through print media. Leading dallies like Tribune, Ajit, Jagbani, Chardikala, Punjab Kesari, Dainik Bhaskar, and Dainik Savera Times will promote the message in English, French and Punjabi languages across Punjab region. Akin, the radio campaigns the print media campaign also launched on 10th June and will run till 30th June.

The most significant initiative by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada is developing India – specific IRCC webpage in English, French, Punjabi as well as Hindi. The campaign may be specifically targeting Punjab region, but the information is important for individuals across India who are aspiring for Canada’s Visitors Visa.

With this initiative IRCC aims to encourage visa aspirants to choose right and certified consultancies for immigration services. Besides, it also promotes using authentic sources to resolve their queries and apply for visitors’ visa, and protect themselves from immigration frauds.


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