Canada Funding Project: Offers Help to Settle in the Country

The government of Canada has announced a new funding project plan that will allow new immigrants to settle down to Canadian society. According to a media release from the Government of Canada, Immigration, Regular IRCC has a plan for 824 new projects to get immigrants a new life in Canada.

The immigration minister, Ahmed Hussein said – “Canada is the most welcoming and immigration-friendly country in the world that believes in helping immigrants learn a new language and get a fantastic opportunity to build a successful life. “

The announcement was made at the Boys and Girls Club of Moncton in New Brunswick. The boys and girls club of Moncton project is a remarkable example of such opportunistic program that helps new immigrants make the most their career through such an amazing opportunity.

Apart from some other project initiatives include:

  • Language training inclusive of work-place based training
  • Entrepreneurial service
  • Employment services
  • Support for French-speaking candidates
  • Assistance to vulnerable population – youths, women, LGBTQ, and senior newcomers to integrate into Canadian society
  • Mental health support to the newcomers

Note: Funding for the approved projects is expected to commence from April 1, 2020, and end by March 31, 2025.


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