Details of Highly Demanding Occupations for Immigrants for 2020

Canada Job Opportunity

An encouraging tiding, international professional workers, and Canadian professionals who want to start the year with new jobs.

Canada is full of well-paying jobs these days in various industry sectors & this news is verified as well as announced through an internationally reputed Randstad Canada study. According to their research, Canada is in an appalling situation as a bunch of employers are seeking skilled employees. This research has released a list of job requirements with which we can understand that the country is in demand of employees in 2020.

The conclusion of the study clearly showed that Canada is going through a shortage of blue-collar personnel and demand is increasing against supply so far. For so long, the Technology (IT) sector is facing many complications in finding skilled staff in Canada and the same scenario has been seen across the world. Some other globally important businesses like agribusiness have also faced losses because of the skilled worker shortage.

In such a situation here are few opportunities from which you will get an idea that what the market is looking for and you can plan your career accordingly,

  1. Truck driver
  2. Welder
  3. General labourer
  4. Heavy-duty Mechanic

The above-listed opportunities are not only for experienced workers but newcomers who wish to get technical knowledge in this area will get dedicated support from a few pieces of training launched by the country. The most amazing thing here is the courses will be of very short period (in terms of training time) so that an immigrant can start his/her career faster than usual and they will be considered as certified professionals.

For the last two years, the retail industry is also going through a tough time in terms of worker supply. Not only worker supply, but the industry has also experienced a few more challenges as well, i.e. increase in online shopping and automation.  On the flip side of the industry, it has been noticed that the requirement of raw goods is still increasing so the demand for consumer goods and sales associates is also increasing.  

Superiorly, Canada is in need of professionals for the roles in engineering & technology, the demand include jobs like,

  1. Project managers
  2. Receptionists
  3. Business development managers

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