New requirements in Quebec Experience Program

October 30, 2019 – Quebec’s government has rolled up new changes to the requirements to the students and those having work experience in Quebec. According to the new requirements, both the types should meet the criteria in order to obtain the permanent residence.

According to the immigration ministry, the changes will affect the Quebec Experience Program which will take effect on November 1, 2019. In addition, the province has not yet confirmed that whether or not these changes will affect the pending applications.

A major change seen is the introduction of an in-demand occupations list for worker applicants. However, the immigrants with the work experience in the province who wish to apply for Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) must have worked in an occupation on the list.

The amount of work experience depends on employment’s National Occupational Classification (NOC) code.

The employments having the occupations on the new in – demand list that are rated NOC 0, A, or B must have 12 months of Quebec Work Experience.

The international students who are keen to applying to the PEQ must ensure that there area of training should fall under one of Quebec degrees listed under the sections A and B of Quebec’s area of training list.

QUEBEC Areas of Training (Fields of Study)

Compare your foreign education credentials to the Quebec educational system:

ACS = Attestation of college studies

AVS = attestation of vocational specialization

DVS = Diploma of vocational studies

DCS = Diploma of college studies (vocational or technical education program with a three year duration leading to diploma of college studies)

Language Requirements:

By the January 2020, modifications in the language requirement will affect both groups of PEQ applicants.

In order to demonstrate their French proficiency, applicants will have three options:

  • Take a standardized test
  • Meet the criteria set by a professional order or,
  • Complete at least three years of full time studies in French at a secondary or post-secondary level

With that, the language requirements will also be applicable for the applicant’s spouse. Both the applicant and their spouse have to demonstrate the high intermediate level of French or CLB 7 or 8.  


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