Travel restrictions are extended in Canada!!

Canada Travel Indians to live in Canada


Global medical situation due to COVID-19 pandemic has worsened and Canada continues to slow down the spread with the implementation of travel restrictions for travellers.

This is the fifth extension since March 2020. Canada has been repeatedly banning non-essential travellers except for citizens and permanent residents with some basic exemptions to keep the communities safe. With the recent announcement, Canada extends its non-essential travel until September 21, 2020 & also published a latest Order in Council with all restriction details in depth.

Canada has managed to flatten its epidemiological curve though. There is an increase in coronavirus cases in most of the parts of the United States.

Initially the restriction plan was till June 30, 2020 but it extended to July 31 and again now the pandemic has pushed the government decision until September 21, 2020.

For now only few can travel to Canada and below is a list of traveller visa status that can travel,

  1. Canadian citizens
  2. Permanent residents
  3. Some people who have been approved for Canadian permanent residence
  4. Some temporary foreign workers
  5. Some international students
  6. Immediate family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents (spouses or common-law partners, dependent children, a dependent child of a dependent child, parent or step-parent, guardian or tutor)
  7. The full list of exempt individuals is available here

Although the country is battling to slow down the spread of coronavirus, the Canadian government will continue to take necessary actions to safeguard its people.


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