Nova Scotia introduce  new Pilot Program for International Graduates

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  • September 11, 2022

International graduates will be able to get the information and coaching they need to immigrate to Nova Scotia through a new pilot program launched by colleges and universities in the province.

Acadia University’s president and vice-chancellor, Peter Ricketts, stated that “Nova Scotia always welcomes international students as potential newcomers.” This new pilot program makes Canada Immigration easier. Furthermore, they will be able to find out what the best options are for settling in Nova Scotia.


Post-Graduation Immigration Support Pilot program

A key role Ricketts played was helping international graduates in the province access free sessions with qualified, regulated immigration consultants.

The consultants assist graduates with navigating the Canadian immigration system by answering questions, identifying suitable pathways for permanent residence, and helping them feel confident while filing their own applications.

The program will be funded by the Nova Scotia provincial government. According to Shawna Garrett, the president and CEO of EduNova, providing the funds will help in supporting immigration to Nova Scotia. An important goal of the pilot program is to assist international graduates in obtaining permanent residency.


Immigration Boosted In Nova Scotia To Solve Labour Shortages

As a result of the global pandemic, the iCent app provides students with detailed pre-arrival information and has provided support to international students regarding COVID-19.

The province’s latest effort to attract international students comes as it tries to increase immigration and recruit more healthcare workers to address its ongoing labour shortages.

Announcing more than $1 million in funding for the Newcomer Health Clinic in Halifax earlier this year, Nova Scotia Health Minister Michelle Thompson said immigration was the only way to resolve the shortage.

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