With just a minimum score of 7.0 in IELTS examination, Nurses and midwives can work in the UK

For Indians, going to the UK and working as a midwife or nurse becomes much easier now. There are some significant changes made by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) according to which nurses and midwives wishing to work in the UK will be required to achieve a minimum overall score of 7.0 bands in IELTS. However, a 6.5 score in the writing section of the test will be acknowledged together with a 7.0 score in each of the reading, listening and speaking sections of the test. British Council administers the IELTS across 45 locations in India, this decrement in the required IELTS score can be a great opportunity for Indians wanting to work in the nursing profession in the UK.

As we all know, IELTS is one of the most widely used assessments of English language for migration to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. The following test is been recognized by more than 10,000 universities and colleges across the world. IELTS focuses on 4 language skills- Listening, speaking, reading, and writing. IELTS is been sponsored by the research teams in the UK and Australia having registered centers in more than 140 countries across the world.

IELTS helps many individuals to migrate and work overseas, and with the help of the ease by the UK government, countless deserving candidates will be able to apply. Work and immigration rules are constantly changing; consequently, those who are willing to work in the UK should grab this opportunity and apply immediately.

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