Ontario’s Jobs Centres – Find an Employment Upon Arrival

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The Government of Ontario funds jobs centres with the aim of assisting people in finding work. Various community groups throughout the province of Ontario provide these services. Anyone who is legally allowed to work is eligible to participate in the programmes. However, based on your status, you may or may not be eligible to access all services.

Employment Centres are free of charge and provide a range of resources to help job seekers navigate and facilitate their job quest. These programmes include:

  1. Creation, analysis, and editing of resumes and cover letters in accordance with Canadian standards
  2. Job-search tactics
  3. Being ready for an interview
  4. Mentoring and Networking
  5. Workshops
  6. Information on job openings and developments in the labour market.
  7. Meetings with a personal career counsellor on a one-on-one basis
  8. Referrals to accredited courses and programmes

Additionally, job seekers can use free computers, the internet, printers, fax machines, business directories, and other jobs-related services in the resource areas of employment centres. The mission of employment centres is to evaluate job seekers’ skills, experience, and aspirations in order to develop a practical career plan, teach and execute successful job search techniques, and provide feedback during the planning process in order to help job seekers land their desired job. Job seekers must have their Social Insurance Number (SIN) to register with an Ontario Employment Centre, which verifies that they are legally qualified to work in Canada.

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