Pre-November 1 Quebec Experience Program criteria now in effect

November 15, 2019 – International students who have intended to apply for the Quebec Experience Program will going to be examined once again based on the criteria that were before November 1st.

The new criteria which were introduced recently on November 1st were actually denounced as it was not feasible to the applicants already residing in Quebec. This pushed province’s immigration minister – Simon Jolin-Barrette to reintroduce the previous criteria and requirement.

Quebec Experience Program is a fast-track immigration program that provides opportunity to international graduates of Quebec school and temporary foreign workers residing and employed in the province to apply for permanent residence selection.

The criteria for the Quebec Experience Program which was unveiled on November 1st is for the graduates who have studied in the Quebec for at least 900 hours (one year) and have at least six months of work experience in Quebec in their particular area of training which was achieved after their graduation.

According to immigration ministry of Quebec, The candidates who have met the above requirement and who have applied between November 1 and 13 will be examined on the basis of the selection criteria introduced on November 1, 2019.

As of November 14, candidates with degrees of between 900 and 1,799 hours are no longer eligible for the PEQ due to the reversion to the pre-November 1 criteria.


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