Quebec Introduces Value Test for the Immigrants

October 30, 2019 – A newly proposed policy by the Canadian province says that immigrants seeking job opportunities will have to pass a “Value Test”. Commencing in the January 2020, a value test policy will be an online questionnaire comprised of 20 questions.

The questionnaires in the test will cover the issues such as – Democracy, French Speaking Quebec society, State secularism, and based on the values like Equal rights of men and women. According to the Quebec Premier, the immigrants should be aware of the values and equal rights.

The passing grade is set at score of 75% minimum of the total score. In case, if immigrant gets fail, one can retake the online test. Immigrant also has the option of taking courses comprise of topics in the questionnaire.

The Quebec Premier Francois Legault says the new immigrants must be aware of provincial secularism bill that bars civil servants in positions of “authority” from wearing religious symbols like the kippah, turban, or hijab while at work.

For instance – the questions will be like: In Quebec, men and woman have the same rights and are considered equal by law, True or False? Or Identify which of the following examples discriminatory: refusing to hire women is pregnant, a person who doesn’t have the required diploma, or a person based on their ethnicity.

Value Test is a part of an immigration system controlled and protected by center right CAQ provincial political party that estimates up to 26,300 new immigrants including their family members.


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