French courses offered to immigrants by the Government of Québec

Since July 1, 2019, the immigrants in Quebec have access to the free course of learning French provided by the Quebec Government.

The government is providing full-time courses of 25 to 30 hours a week. Anyone holding an immigration status, regardless of how long they have lived in Quebec, can take a free full-time French course and obtain financial assistance offered for participating in this course. Financial assistance for immigrants registered for a full-time course offered by the Ministere de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI) has also increased, from $141 to $185 per week. Along with traveling and commutation allowances, the participant is eligible to receive a maximum of $25 per child or dependent person, per day of training.

For the part-time training of 4, 6, 9 or 12 hours a week, the participant is entitled to receive financial assistance of $15 per day of training and $9 of allowance per child or dependent person per day.

The individuals residing temporarily like temporary workers, students, as well as their spouse,  are eligible for full-time or part-time courses as well as the accompanying financial assistance. In addition to this, for online courses, the individuals residing in Quebec and hold a Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec (Quebec Acceptance Certificate) is eligible for the format with a tutor.


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