Quebec skilled worker Expression of Interest system: New details published

More details about the Expression of Interest System from Quebec, which will be used to manage the profiles of eligible Quebec Skilled Worker Program candidates, have arrived. The new Expression of Interest (EOI) system will replace the current system, which works on first-come, first-serve basis to process the application for Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). The new regulations will be effective from August 2, 2018, and candidates interested in QSWP will be able to submit an online Expression of Interest profile to Quebec’s Immigration Ministry.

As per the eligibility requirements, candidates who are 18 years of age or older can submit their profile to QSWP’s Expression of Interest Bank. Candidates will receive a score based on factors like:

  1. Education (up to 14 points; cut-off score = 2 points)
  2. Areas of training (up to 12 points)
  3. Work experience (up to 8 points)
  4. Age (up to 16 points)
  5. Language proficiency (up to 22 points)
  6. Stay and Family in Quebec (up to 8 points)
  7. Spouse/common-law partner characteristics (up to 17 points)
  8. Valid job offer (up to 14 points)
  9. Presence of accompanying children (up to 8 points)
  10. Financial self-sufficiency (1 point)

In the second step, the education and financial sufficiency must meet the required cut-off score of 43 points for a grouping of factors called Employability. A job offer is an added bonus but not a mandatory requirement. The employability cut-off score of married candidates or common-law partner is 52.

In the third and final step, the candidates who meet the Employability cut-off score must meet the minimum threshold under grouping factor called selection, which requires a minimum score of 50 points (59 for married).


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