40,000 immigrants might be called by Alberta’s Rural Communities till 2024

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Mr. Jason Kenney (ex immigration minister of Canada) advised the immigration teams to increase the power of immigration to support its rural communities. With such a policy, a big economic change can be seen in a positive manner as well as the country’s growth & development will become effectively faster.

His suggestions end up with a good strategy around two topics,

  1. Rural Renewal Program
  2. Rural Entrepreneurial Stream

Mr. Kenney also added that the change can lead to transmitting a supportive 10,000 new permanent residents to Alberta’s rural communities annually. By the end of 2024, he assured that 40,000 permanent residents will be legally invited if given a chance to serve the province instead of the current ruling New Democratic Party.

Mr. Jason Kenney said the purpose of the initiative is;

  1. To termination large backlogs
  2. To speed up processing times
  3. To proactively attract talented newcomers from overseas,
  4. To welcome job-creating entrepreneurs to the rural areas
  5. To encourage settlement in rural Alberta that requires population the most

In the explanation above steps, he described that the plan can be operated via Alberta’s Immigrant Nominee Program & applicants with the interest of settling in Alberta’s small rural communities will get priority. Employers will also get a chance to recruit and nominate their preferred applicants, either from people already living in the country under temporary work permits or applicants from overseas.


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