Set the Record Straight’ on Immigration: Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia expecting immigration, as it helps in growing economy, jobs and diversity.

A new billboard around Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a clear campaign displaying the immigration “to set the record straight”, cities chamber of commerce says.        

There were around nine digital billboards seen this week which are co-sponsored by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia and EduNova, (a provincial association of education and training providers.

The advertising campaign through the nine billboards intends following messages:

  • “Immigration grows the economy, jobs opportunity and diversity”
  • “15,000 international students add over $400, 000,000 to Nova Scotia’s Economy”
  • “Nova scotia is growing, thanks to immigration”
  • “Immigration brings a world of experience”
  • “Immigration – it’s our strength, it’s our story”  

‘We need People to Come to Nova Scotia’

To strengthen the economy of Halifax and Nova Scotia, immigration is all in all essential” – told Patrick Sullivan, (President and CEO of Halifax Chamber of Commerce) to CIC news.

According to Sullivan, immigration is very much needed to ensure employers can fulfill the requirement of employees they require to run a business successfully and contribute to the economy as well. There need new people to come to Nova Scotia and we are enthusiastic to welcome them.

Province’s government has a major interest in expanding the immigration criteria to Nova Scotia to fulfill the labour gaps.


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