Sources to Get a Job Offer from Canadian Employer

Canada has always been a country to welcome immigrants with huge job opportunities to start a new life. Over the past 15 years, Canada has brought around 3.5 million immigrants with one of the highest per-capita rates of permanent immigration in the world. 

With that being said, Canada looks further to increase annual immigration admissions to 350,000 by 2021 – said Ahmed Hussen, Immigration Minister. With rising figure of immigrants, the major hurdles sometimes immigrants face is to get the Job offers from a Canadian Employer. Here are the ways that would assist you in receiving job offer from a Canadian employer.


When it comes to getting a job offer in Canada, networking is the most crucial thing one can get the benefit of. If you are having your relatives or friends over there, you can very well get assistance from your fellow countrymen to enter Canada. And, once you get in the country, you never know how one network can be helpful to get a link towards a job opportunity. 

Further, you can apply for a Labor market Impact Assessment (LMIA). It takes around two months to process the LMIA request and once it’s received, the foreign worker can apply for a work permit. 

If talk about LMIA, an LMIA is a document comprise of labour market verification process whereby Employment and Social Development Canada assess an offer of employment ensuring that employment of foreign worker will have a positive impact on Canadian labour market. 


Another better option to receive a job offer in Canada is to outreach the local agencies. Several agencies are linked with Canadian employers and are paid by them if they recruit a foreign candidate.

Canvassing Employers:

Cold-calling or Cold-emails to employers might be the option you can go for, as these employers are always in search of skilled candidates. Also, you can check out the employers’ websites where you can find relative job postings to apply. If they find your application as valuable and skillful you will be notified unless you are international candidates.

Job Banks:

Job Bank has always a beneficial platform for Canadians to find a job. As it’s free for both candidates and employers, it’s an easy way to find an opportunity. Job bank has an authoritative list of available jobs in Canada you can search online.   

Job Portal Sites:

You can find job opportunities through various job sites in Canada. The most famous are Monster and Workopolis. Apart from, you can also search it on Indeed. Be sure to search on Canadian site.

There are many opportunities available in Canadian labour market and approaching to employers in the best possible way increases your chance to be selected.

Plan, practice and pursue!


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