Germany – Job Seeker Visa

Germany is one of the most scenic countries in Europe with high growth rate and employment opportunities.

If you are looking for a job, it is one of the best places to consider immigration. The country provides no-cost education to the residents as well. Being one of the most powerful countries in Europe, it promises safety and security to its residents.

Germany’s job seeker visa provides a long-term residency permit. With this visa, you are allowed to stay in Germany for six months and look for a job. If you find employment within six months, you are granted a work visa for Germany’s work permit. To become eligible you will have to collect and compile required documents and fill out an application form to book an appointment with Germany’s visa officer.


Eligibility Criteria:

The requirements one need to fulfill for qualifying to apply for a Germany Job Seeker Visa are:


Application Process:

To apply for the German Job Seeker visa:


Assistance By Winny Immigration:

Obtaining a job seeker visa for Germany is not easygoing, one has to be eligible and fulfil all the requirements and go through the application process with a lot of precision. Winny Immigration with expertise of over 4 decades, assist the candidates to prepare for the Job-seeker visa application with high accuracy to ensure the visa approval. Winny Immigration also provide guidance for preparation of interview to appear at the German consulate.

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